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To have any of our services at your event please Email Us for a quote!

Pop us Circus
Pop Up Circus Workshops

Our Pop up circus workshops are suitable for all events and occasions. Sessions can incorporate aerial arts on our portable rigs, ground based circus skills, hula hooping and bubbleology.

Stilt Walkers
Walk-About Artists

We can provide professional stilt walkers that are costumed for any event or occasion. 

They are perfect for greeting guests, posing for memorable photo opportunities and interacting with crowds. 

With a range of costumes that would suit any theme, our stilt walkers can deliver fun, colour and vibrancy to your event. 

Bubble fairy
Bubble Fairies

Our enchanting bubble fairies can add a bit of magic to your event by mixing with and entertaining guests at both indoor and outdoor events (weather permitting).

Aerial Bartenders
Aerial and Lollipop Performers



Creative Heights can provide aerial bartenders, ambient performers or choreographed shows for any event!


Our elegant aerial bartenders can entertain your guests whilst pouring their drinks from above and is a unique and unexpected addition to any upscale event.


Our ambient acts can flow alongside any live music or DJs and fit with the vibe of your event to create an exciting and unique atmosphere!


Our choreographed performances are set to prearranged music for a shorter duration to create a focal point for your guests. These performances are bespoke and can be solo artists or group performances.


Rigging for aerial performances is extremely important and safety is always priority for our aerialists. Creative Heights offers a free phone or email consultation to discuss rigging options for your event and can provide freestanding aerial rigs if your venue does not have suitable existing structures.

Fire Dancers
Fire Artists
Walkabout Chimps
Cheeky Chimps
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